Market Ready

Markets are amazing! Markets are fun! Markets are weather dependent! 

So far this year I have started selling my candles at local Wairarapa markets. The atmosphere is exciting, and the other market stalls are amazing! But most of all its all the other stall holders who make you feel worthwhile doing it!

Because let's face it, everyone is there for the same outcome.... To make a dollar!

It gets competitive, or maybe that is just in my own mind! Because it's the stall holders who remind you it's about being seen! You want people to know who you are and what you make & sell.

It will happen, they say. Just stay focused and do not get FOMO! Stay on point with your goals and do not worry about what other businesses are doing. 

It's those stall holders who are there rain or shine showcasing their skills and craftsman ships. Show up and be proud, good things take time!