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About Bays & Leo

Know & Tell

Hi! It's Donna here! I'm the face behind Bays & Leo, based in the beautiful Wairarapa. 

 I started working in the hospitality industry as a teenager. After becoming a chef, travelling and working to exhaustion (because we all know that's what you do working in hospitality), I became a mother to my eldest, Ava-Rose. After marrying Mike, helping him raise his two boys, Cheyden and Zac, we added another little mischief girl to the mix. Stevie completes our family of six. Now, I have my own little business that fits our family's lifestyle perfectly!

Candles, Crystals & Pottery

Who doesn't love one or all three of these combinations? I enjoy choosing a beautiful piece of pottery, turning it into a candle and then embellishing it with or without crystals.

As a young girl, my love of crystals began from visiting a local shop called The Sanctuary, which is still here today. I would carefully choose a couple tumblers to add to my collection. Then as I grew up, I stopped collecting them. Now, that little passion has come back! Both my girls also love collecting crystals and gemstones.  

I pick out stunning pottery and handmade ceramic pieces from Sasi at Sai Pottery in the Hawkes Bay. All of her gorgeous pieces are made by emerging and well-established artists and pottery masters of the Thai ceramic scene. Each piece is unique and not one is the same! 

Our candles are hand poured in small batches, personally created by me. I use nature inspired, non-toxic scents and plant based vegan soy wax, along with natural crackling wood wicks. Our packaging is sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable and plastic free

Here at Bays & Leo, I am extremely proud to be an eco-friendly, cruelty free brand, where I offer sustainable candles, shifting away from disposable, single use vessels and replacing them with beautiful ceramics which can be used multiple times... refill, reuse, or just admire as a treasured keepsake. 

Donna x